The History Of The Saxophone

One of the most popular instruments in the world is the saxophone. If you doubt how popular it is, you simply have to look at Jazz and try and picture the genre of music without it. The truth is, the saxophone has a history that dates back to the 1840s with Adolphe Sax, who specialized in the clarinet. While working at his father's instrument shop, he began to work on an instrument that was a cross between a clarinet and a brass instrument. Through his work, he used the brass body of the ophicleide, the conical bore of the oboe and the fingering of the flute, with a single reed mouthpiece like the clarinet. The saxophone was truly a Frankenstein of instruments.

In 1846, he applied for a 15-year patent in 1846, which encompassed 14 versions of the design, split into two categories of seven instruments each, which ranged from sopranino to contrabass.

By the time his patent ended in 1866, numerous copies of the saxophone came into being that improved on the design and fingering methods. One improvement was making the bell slightly farther extended and adding one more key to extend the range downwards. While Sax's original fingering techniques were quite simple, they have become more and more difficult, thereby making the range of the saxophone much longer.

The saxophone has become a hallmark of a variety of different music genres, most notably Jazz, where it is an accepted piece of the music that helps the genre develop an amazing sound that cannot be equaled by very many other genres. Beyond that, it is often used in soft rock and other types of classical rock.

During the 1990s, possibly the most famous saxophone player in the world was none other than former president Bill Clinton. Many credit him playing the saxophone on the Arsenio Hall Show in 1992 with helping him win the presidency of the United States because his playing of the saxophone helped him relate to younger voters, who came out in record numbers to elect him.

Overall, the saxophone is one of the most popular types, and coolest, forms of instruments that currently exist. It is often identified with laid-back types of music like Jazz and soft-rock. It has been used by a several different people, including a president, and it is also one of the most difficult types of instruments to master. The Frankenstein of Instruments is truly a revolutionary piece of brass.

The use of the saxophone has expanded over the years. It is not included in more modern classical pieces and is seen more in orchestras. It adds a different sound and color to a work that no other instrument can mimic. It may be made of different instruments, but it does not sound like any other. It is truly a unique instrument.

A saxophone is usually chosen by young musicians for two main reasons. The first is if they intend to play jazz. The second is as a secondary instrument to add to the number of instruments that they can play. This enables them to be able to get more musical jobs later on.


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